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Joanne Chantigny is a Stay at Home Mom and together with my husband Danny, we raise our two children, a 7 yr old Boy and 4 yr old Girl.

5 years ago, I made the decision to walk away from my career and my own business as a Travel Agent.  I loved my career, that was what I went to school for.

Some of the perks of having your own travel agency were to see the smiles on peoples’ faces when I booked their dream vacations that they had saved up for a long time to go.  Helping others has always been a part of me.

With all the changes in the travel industry, my business had decreased dramatically in overall sales. So much, that I was having a hard time making ends meet financially.  At that time, I was making less than minimum wage.

I was going backwards financially by a few hundred dollars per month.

Let’s just say, I was not in a good place.

Not only that, trying to balance my life as a wife and mother to our little boy who had breathing problems at the time.  My husband and son rarely spent time with me and it was then that I realized I needed to be the Stay At Home Mom I had always wanted to be.  I needed to help “me” and put a smile back on my face.

Staying at home meant that Danny had to work extra hours to bring in the income that would keep us afloat.  I am the type of person that loves being at home but I also need to be doing something and working a business that I was passionate about.

I looked into other home businesses. Some of them were not really for me.

Finally, I found the Health and Wellness Industry through Direct Sales.  Building a business while sharing products that would change our lives and the lives of so many other people.

Now a few years later, working my business as a Stay at Home Mom with two kids, I am able to bring in a 6 Figure Income. Relieving the financial pressure off of my husband who now, does not have to work unless he wants to and can spend time with our family, raising our children together.

To have the extra income to get out of debt, go on family vacations, enroll in sport programs for the family and just not have to worry about our financial future.

When my smile came back and I was able to help my family, I wanted to still help others achieve the same success.

I have worked with other families and helped them to achieve similar rewards in this industry.  Hearing the testimonials about their success and having been a part of their journey feels so good inside.

I love being at home with my family, working from home with a great team of people who share similar interests and building our dream life!

“Travel To Your Dream Life”   ~ Joanne Chantigny

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