Earnings Disclaimer

Earnings Disclaimer:

Nutrie LLC

* Your product purchase becomes free with the referral of three(3) customer and their purchase of products of equal or greater value. Shipping/handling and applicable sale taxes are still at the sole responsibility of the customers.


** There are no guarantees regarding income or bonuses, and the success or failure of each Nutrié Brand Partner, as with any other business, depends upon that Brand Partner’s own skills, personal effort, dedication, the amount of time that he or she devotes to this business, and the amount of training, mentorship, and supervision that the Brand Partner provides to his or her downline sales organization, as well as market conditions such as geographic location.


Incomes, bonuses, and earnings described above are projections provided for illustrative purposes, and do not reflect the incomes, bonuses, or earnings of typical Brand Partners. As used in the Compensation Plan, “income” refers to gross income, and does not include all costs of doing business. Brand Partners are responsible for their own expenses and should consider their costs of doing business while evaluating these examples.


Nutrié is product-driven, and it strongly encourages use of its products before becoming a Brand Partner.


Nutrié is a new company, which creates exciting prospects for Brand Partners who aspire to grow their businesses, but does not yet allow for historical comparisons based on data about average or typical monthly or annual incomes or earnings of active Brand Partners.


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